Thursday, 30 April 2009

Windows 7: "An unexpected network error has occured" when accessing Network Drives

a Very Very strange one on Windows 7, after logging onto the domain successfully accessing Mapped drives just gave the error "An unexpected network error has occured" there is nothing logged in Event Viewer or next to no diagnostics to run to figure out this problem.

After a little testing I found that you can access the server manually running its DNS name and then disconnect and re-map the drives you use and this clears the error.

Probably not the best fix - but a fix none the less,

If anyone has any other solutions feel free to post.


  1. Hey Man,

    We have the same problem here, happens on daily occurance, I havent had time to really investigate. doesnt make much difference mapping drives via Netbios name, hostname, FQDN.

    but very strange,

    Drives are Mapped at logon, :- Successful
    Accessing the Mapped Drive Root :- Successful
    Accessing a Subfolder :- Results in the same Error as you have.

    Also @ anypoint in the day a user will double click on a file to open, they receive this error on 1st time. if they immediatly double click again it opens?

  2. In the Local Group Policy Editor,

    go to- Run --> gpedit.msc --> Local Computer Policy-> Computer Configuration-> Windows Settings-> Security Settings-> Local Policies-> Security Options

    Find the policy:

    Microsoft network client: Digitally sign communications (always)

    If this is enabled, change it to Disabled. Be sure and restart your machine for the change to take effect! Pressing the "Apply".

    After restart the system may be any pop will come just click on yes button


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