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Renewing a self signed SSL Certificate in Exchange 2007

Ok, so I've actually seen this problem so many times now it's unreal and people are always asking me how to fix it because most other guides on the net make it look way to complicated to properly comprehend. So, here goes. This is how I renew an Exchange 2007 SSL Certificate when you get the notice in Outlook it has expired. N.B - The process for renewing through a verified authority like GoDaddy / 123 Reg is not discussed here. First thing you'll need to do is logon to your SBS 2008 (Ex2K7) box as the domain administrator and open the Microsoft Exchange Management Shell. Type the following command:  Get-ExchangeCertificate - This will list all of your existing certificates by Thumbprint and CN (Common Name). You'll need to know the CN, if you're unsure match it to the certificate error being presented in Outlook. History tells me it's normally the remote. that controls the Ex Cert on SBS. Now, using the identified Thumbprint of the certific