JoinDomain VMExtensionProvisioningError when deploying WVD (aka Conflict Error)

Deploying WVD Fails with a conflict error and when clicking for more information it presents a conflict and not much else that is useful by way of toubleshooting. Hopefully this helps someone else as it had me head scratching for a little while.. When creating the Host Pool, make sure that you haven't made the fatal error of using the Azure Active Directory Credential INSTEAD of the Local AD Domain Credential.  i.e do not use to domain join, even if it links back to the domain - this is where the conflict arrises.    Instead, use your full internal domain UPN.  Re-deploy your same configuration and you should find it goes through now without any problems. Additional findings.... Albeit my mistake above was an easy one, it does appear the error is directly linked to the domain join process. If you go into your resource groups, locate the session host and MSTSC directly to it.  Try the domain join pr

Earn cash back on everyday purchases with Quidco - ££'s

If you haven't used Quidco before, I'd love to know where you've been hiding for the last 5-6 years! And if I'm really cruel, I could then go on to tell you, if you've spent any more than £25.00, on anything, in that time period then you've also given away free cash!! So many people I speak to think it's hard-work, or complicated but its really not.  I was referred to Quidco in 2014 when my first claim was to renew my car insurance - I already knew which company I was going to choose for my renewal and so I just searched Quidco and found there was a huge £80 on offer if I bought it via their referral link... yes, £80 for a company I was already going to renew with... Sure enough, within 90 days £80 appeared in my account... from there (understandably) I was hooked and now I earn on average £500 per year simply clicking referral links for items that I was going to buy anyway. Quidco works by referring customers to Supplier websites, which then go on to

PS4 fails to update 6.72 with SU-30625-6

That awkward moment right, you sit down, ready to play... and no one appears ‘online’ you know this can’t be true, how can no one else be online, so you examine...oh wait, yup, update due.  Only this time, you get the failure code SU-30625-6 when pressing update. It seems Sony May well have messed up the update, or a correlation I found for me, my PS4 tried to do it whilst in sleep mode. It’s a simple fix however so worry not :). Navigate to Notifications, highlight the update, press Options button and select delete. Now go back and try again, it will download just fine and work a treat in 20 minutes or less. Happy Gaming!

Activation error DISM on Windows Server - could not activate

Ever tried to activate an Eval download of Windows Server and got an activation failure? Or got an error 50? The command most commonly referred to online and in Microsoft guides is as below: Firstly, make sure your version is actually genuine and you're licensing the right version too. Run the following command: DISM /online /Get-TargetEditions This will reveal what you can upgrade Eval too, in a majority of cases we'll use Server Standard as an example but this refers to datacenter too. Run the below to license your server: DISM /online /Set-Edition:ServerStandard /ProductKey:XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX /AcceptEula If this still doesn't work, something that I spent hours of my life one evening figuring out... is that a command window that isn't elevated will produce an error 50, unknown error and/or a activation couldn't be completed. Yes, its truly that simple! Elevate Command Prompt and try again, 9/10 this will fix the issue for you!

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The age of the Digital Workplace Transformation

Almost every week now I find myself discussing Digital Workplace Transformation with CIOs, CFOs and IT Managers alike.  It’s the new buzz word ‘on the street’ but what does it really mean? And is it relevant to your business?   Over the last four or five years, I’ve seen this ‘Transformation process’ evolve, from Business Transformation, to Desktop Transformation, Application Transformation & now Digital Workplace Transformation.  The approach is clearly a logical evolution of their predecessors but in my opinion, the drivers for these transformations are also now changing.  The days of business IT being driven by an application are long behind us, if anything the end user employee is now at the heart of these transformations, empowered to put forward their case for how their workplace and style affects their productivity and their overall wellbeing.  So why is it important? The touchpoints that our employees have within their workplaces play a vital role in how they Discount Code 2020 - £15 off

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Ethereum Node Connected - Stuck on Splash Screen!

Yet another issue with the Ethereum Wallet... I've had Bitcoin and Litecoin wallets for years, none of them have caused me anywhere near as much pain as this one has, especially so in such a small space of time! So here's how I got around this one! (On Mac). Go to the Applications Directory within Finder, locate Ethereum Wallet. Right click and go Show Package Contents, in here is a folder called MacOS and then an Exec within it. Open a Terminal Window and drag the Exec file over the Terminal Window. Hit Enter and it will launch the Wallet but in a terminal mode. This will give you the view of exactly what is happening in the background and for some reason, allow the app to sync and open much quicker than just normal opening it within the GUI. If this post helped you, please consider donating eth (every little helps!) to my addresses on the right of this page! 

Ethereum Wallet Stuck on 99% or XX Blocks remaining!

Believe me when I say, this is one of the most frustrating things to happen! Imagine this, I first get into Crypto - I buy 5 Ether through coinbase - download the Ethereum Wallet so I can have an offline Wallet store and without thinking about it - I got the wallet address and sent it all. I then left my i7, 12GB, 1TB SSD Linux machine running with QoS enabled for bandwidth benefits for three days.. gradually getting more and more nervous. I couldn't seem to get past the last few blocks, it would stall or just never really get anywhere! Firstly, as an observation - I found that if you launch the application - you lose any form of syncing entirely, so leave it at the splash screen. Secondly however if you really don't think its going to connect, then try these steps: Go to the Develop Menu item, and change your Sync mode to "Light" it may say Beta on it but its ok. Go to File > Backup > Accounts data Rename ChainData to ChainData1 (or whatever

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When the water stops...

An interesting analogy was presented to me recently and I liked it so much that I thought I'd share it with others...   We go about our daily lives, almost with an element of ignorance, in that we generally take no appreciation of the day-to-day services we consume, use or even provide.   We're woken up in the morning by our alarm clock - We don't sit back and think about the labourers working in the power stations nor do we think about the components that form the intricate circuits within the box that we so abruptly hit and shout at.  We then proceed to take a shower, where we pass no regard for the Gas stations, the circuit designs, the electricity, the water, the purification, the plumbing, the drainage, the glass blowing... and on and on and on.   My point here isn't that we don't care about these things...but more so that we've developed into a nation that take these luxuries for granted - and so when we go to sleep we  expect  to be woken up, when

Seen Software (SaaS), Infrastructure (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)? Try Desktop (DaaS), Metal (MaaS) and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)

It's no secret that the public cloud market has been growing like wildfire. In fact, a recent  Gartner  study found spending on public cloud services is growing at more than 28% per year and private cloud spending is  three times  that of public cloud!  That suggests total cloud spending in 2016 to hit £155 billion. The focus in the industry over the past few years has been on the core cloud management services of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.  But to truly understand how cloud computing is evolving you have to dive deeper below the surface.  Two major developments are driving the evolution of cloud: Management and Specialisation. In the management space, innovations like self-service portals have given end-users a much-preferred way to request and consume their services.  Whereas specialist and dedicated professionals, have developed enterprise solutions with technologies like Citrix XenDesktop, VMware View and Nvidia GRID.   Three specialist areas that have developed as part of nat

Citrix VDI-in-a-Box and whats next?!

VDI-in-a-Box is on its way out, but killing the product wasn't always Citrix's intention. Technical problems, development time and a poor sales strategy appear to be the cause of the product's death. VDI-in-a-Box has been rumoured to be on the chopping block since Citrix acquired Kaviza (the original company behind the product) back in May 2011.  While many people lauded Citrix for gaining a VDI product that was easy to install and operate, others thought that the acquisition might have been nothing more than an attempt to alleviate the competition.   Many of us held out hope that there would ultimately be some blending of XenDesktop and VDI-in-a-Box, with the best elements of each creating a new VDI platform, but that never proved true. Citrix earlier this year were quoted as saying “We’re going to ‘end-of-sale’ that product and it will be replaced by a simpler and more price competitive version for VDI that we have coming”.   The news comes as no real surprise, g

Graphics have gone off the GRID!

Hopefully by now, when you see or hear the words ‘NVIDIA GRID’…you know, this is all about delivering centrally managed, accelerated graphics to virtualised desktop infrastructures, right? I’m guessing possibly not – anyone who uses VDI, knows that the biggest Achilles heel of the solution is delivering feature rich content and high end graphics to their power users.  So what do IT Managers do, they resort to buying custom built workstations or MacPro’s and just accept that there is no alternative.   Interestingly, I think the lack of rapid deployments for NVIDIA GRID comes from the lack of market knowledge.  Whomever I speak to about delivering Siemens NX, AutoDesk or CATIA (to name a few) through their VDI estate, tells me it’s not possible.  It’s at that point I take great pride in having the ability to say ‘actually, it is possible and here’s why!’ Axess were one of Three partners in the UK chosen to take the solution to market in late 2013 and to be honest, for me, it’s

My top stock picks for the week! - 17th February 2014

My top picks for this week include a number of stocks I've been watching for some time now, these all have support and break out barriers that are easily identifiable.  There are also key signs of trend reversals or additional growth. IMG - Imagination Technologies: Enter at 179p, seeking an exit around 184p by Friday MNDI - Mondi Plc Enter at 1028.00 with an exit around 1055.00 before Friday close. ACHL - Asian Citrus Holdings Enter at 12.00p exit around 14.50p (Slow mover but just may surprise us here). DTG - Dart Group Enter at 263.00, exit around 276.00 (maybe more). IQE - Enter at 22p exit around 26.00p Please note these are my own opinions and I have no crystal ball telling me which ones will work out and which ones won't and so I'm not responsible for any losses.  I target high impact reversal signs, these carry higher risks when they don't work out because your entering markets that most others pull out of; when they work however they're ve

How to CPU mine LiteCoins

Some people argue that it`s just not worth it, mining using your CPU but we`re still in the early days of Litecoin which allows us still to benefit from consumer grade hardware. The better way and faster way to earn using LTC is to run a CPU miner in a pool of shared resource and split the benefits.  I`m going to be putting together a small very simple, easy to use package available to download and just run.  This will connect you into my pool and begin utilising your processor (at a stable rate, worth mentioning). Anyone who wants to know more, please email me or add your details into the comments section ( I wont post these online, they`re private comments).  I`m looking for people to give a Worker address too and share the payouts at the end of each week - so if you want to get involved let me know. Some easy way to sell these coins for those who don`t know. At time of writing, 1.0 LTC sells on eBay for 30-40 GBP OR you can convert them to USD for about 40 USD.  With the inc

Are you ready for the end of SBS & migrating to Hosted Exchange?

As you will probably already know, Microsoft's popular Small Business Server (SBS) comes to the end of its successful career on 31st December.  Its not-so-popular successor Windows Server Essentials, provides some elements of on-site functionality for very small businesses, however there's the added expense of a separate Exchange server, or the choice of using Cloud-based Hosted Exchange services such as Delta Web's Hosted Exchange or Office 365. Delta Web runs host to one of the UK's largest and most popular provider of Exchange in the Cloud for SMEs.  With the demise of SBS, it allows the use of Cloud-based Exchange for file storage and collaboration in the Cloud. Exchange 2010 is just £4.95 per mailbox, per month and Microsoft SharePoint is £2.50 per user, per month.  If you haven't thought about moving to the cloud for hosted exchange, here are 8 reasons you could benefit from moving to the cloud! 8 Reasons you should move your business Excha

Convert whole iTunes library to MP3

Ok, to avoid arguments with the kind of people who come on pretty strong screaming about 'why you'd want to do this' and 'how Apple's AAC or Loss-less formats are better' let me just take two seconds to explain my situation. I am running an Apple iMac 27" with a collection of music stemming about 10 years, not massive; about 50GB-ish.  Now I have decided to purchase an OEM Car stereo which allows me to play my music from a Micro SD Card! :O I hear you gasp, yes technology is wonderful.  My problem of course is, these kinds of players only find and play MP3 formats from these disks...  So, now we have that out of the way; I'm going to let you in on a little trick I thought about which will allow you to achieve this. My criteria for doing it this way, includes: * The files MUST be in the same folders as the source - I don't want 1000's of mp3 files exported into the same folder so I can no longer identify tracks or Cd's! * The original

iPhone / MAC can't connect to Exchange Server from inside the network.

I believe this is a relatively simple one in the case I've witnessed anyway.  The scenario is that you turn on WiFi, connect and then lose access to the exchange.  Turn off WiFi go back to 3G and voila you're connected again. The reason that the phones and iMail (to name a few) cant connect to the Exchange from inside the network is because you will most likely be using an external IP or URL right?  Thus meaning that everytime you try to access this URL from inside the server bounces packets backwards and forwards around the network not truly knowing what to do with them.  I found that if you create a new DNS zone for (, create an A record within that zone leaving the host blank (to use parent domain). Then point it at your internal exchange.  This time if the users phone requests connection to they get redirected (internally) to 192.168.x.x/24 Simples.. :) Note - You may not need to make a new zone if your domain is already running as