Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Method 'post' of object 'IOWSPostData' failed

Realistically I'm talking about two different problems in this post HOWEVER I found them directly linked in my scenario so maybe you will too.

First Error: Method 'post' of object 'IOWSPostData' failed

This is caused by a failed application add-in contained in Excel 2007;

You need to modify an XLA file within Excel to resolve this problem - Please also remember to always backup files before modifying them.
To make this change, open the Excel Add-In EXPTOOWS.XLA located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\1033 by default. (Enable Macro's as opening)

Once opened, press ALT + F11 to open the VB editor and ADD the following line:
IVer = 2

Sub Initialize(List, Title, URL, QuickLaunch)
strQuickLaunch = QuickLaunch
aTarget(iPublishURL) = URL
aTarget(iPublishListName) = List
aTarget(iPublishListDesc) = Title'
lVer = Application.SharePointVersion(URL)
End Sub

Sub Initialize(List, Title, URL, QuickLaunch)
strQuickLaunch = QuickLaunch
aTarget(iPublishURL) = URL
aTarget(iPublishListName) = List
aTarget(iPublishListDesc) = Title'
lVer = Application.SharePointVersion(URL)
lVer = 2
End Sub

Finally save the document and ignore the valid signature warning, then try again you should find it now works. (You should IVer = 3 as well if at first you don't succeed)

I at this point didn't however, we were then presented with the following error:

"The selected range cannot be converted to a list before publishing or the existing table is invalid"

Finally to fix this problem the best solution we had was to manually create the list columns from the excel worksheet into a new sharepoint list and THEN import the data into those columns this then got around the problem.

If anybody has had these problems I would be interested in hearing your accounts and resolution methods or if the above worked well.. Answers on a postcard please :).

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Friday, 15 May 2009

Introduction to Windows 7

For anyone keeping in the loop with Microsoft's new Operating System 'Windows 7' see below the beginning of what appears to be 7; Windows 7 introductory video's.

Introduction to Windows 7

James O’Neill and Jamie Burgess get you up to speed with Windows 7 and look back at some of the improvements made since Windows Vista. They discuss the fundamentals of performance, application compatibility and safer browsing.


Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Download Windows 7 Desktop Wallpapers & Theme's

Windows 7 RC comes with lots of free themes, wallpapers and gadgets but there are others available for those who like to show off your pretty new operating systems and laptops...yes you know who you are..

Microsoft has launched a Personalize section in the Windows 7 Beta website where you can get them for free.

To grab your themes and papers visit the following URL:


Monday, 11 May 2009

Office 2007 Service Pack 2 Download

Just in case you havent already heard Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Office 2007 has now been released for download to public.

For more details follow the link: Download Now

Fixes for the following problems have been announced:

Microsoft Office Access
• Lets you export reports to Microsoft Office Excel.
• Supports memo fields in the mailing label wizard for addresses.
• Fixes issues that occur in the import data wizards, in report printing and previewing, in macros, in Excel integration, and in date filters.
• Includes updates to Access Developer Extensions.
Microsoft Office Excel
• Improves the charting mechanism in Excel 2007. This includes better parity with Office 2003, improved robustness, and targeted performance improvements.
• Adds a chart object model to Word and to PowerPoint.
• Improves shapes that are surfaced in Excel. This includes better parity with Office 2003 and targeted performance improvements.
• Improves the method by which Excel prints graphical content, especially when it prints to PCL printers.
• Adds conversion rates to the Excel Euro Currency Tools add-in for the Maltese lira and for the Cypriot pound.
Microsoft Office Groove
• Improves Groove 2007 form tools. In particular, international users in certain locales will benefit from correct interpretation of spaces for digit grouping in currency values.
• Limits the number of file-sharing workspaces to 64 to make sure that all workspaces can be synchronized. This limit applies only to adding new file-sharing workspaces. If you already have more than 64 file-sharing workspaces, you can continue to use them.
• Optimizes synchronization reliability.
Microsoft Office InfoPath
• Fixes for overall security and stability in InfoPath 2007
• Provides improved compatibility between InfoPath forms and other Microsoft products, such as Groove and Outlook.
Microsoft Office OneNote
• Improves SharePoint sync functionality. This helps reduce the load on SharePoint servers, and it helps produce fewer sync errors.
• If the OneNote tray notification icon was previously dismissed, the icon will now appear in the notification area. Additionally, this icon can now be dismissed only in the Options dialog box in OneNote.
• Adds support for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for the Japanese language.
Microsoft Office Outlook
• Performance improvements that apply to the following general responsiveness areas:
o Startup
Removes lengthy operations from initial startup.
o Shutdown
Makes Outlook exit predictably despite pending activities.
o Folder View and Switch
Improves view rendering and folder switching.
• Calendar improvements
Improves underlying data structures and the general reliability of calendar updates.
• Data file checks
Greatly reduces the number of scenarios in which you receive the following error message when you start Outlook:

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Ok, Ok I joined Twitter

I did have a few requests recently from different people asking why I wasnt on the infamous and ever growing more popular Twitter, so yes folks, I've taken the leap and I have now joined. If you wish to follow me you can do at:


Saturday, 9 May 2009

Small Business Server 2008 Migrating

If your looking at Migrating a Windows SBS 2003 server to an SBS 2008 box I would definately recommend a read of David Overton's new Book "Small Business Server 2008, Installing, Migrating and Configuring" I have a copy and was also able to attend a training course delivered by David last weekend through Amitpro. SBS2008 and migrating to SBS2008 seems like a heavy handed, daunting task but looking at it after going through the migration techniques and following the steps (which is all it takes to be fair) makes the whole process look and feel so much easier.

Although without a doubt I'm pretty sure when it wants to go wrong, it will and I'm sure that not every migration will I walk out with a big grin on my face however knowing the steps to take and having a feel for how the process works is without a doubt an excellent idea.

If you're interested in reviewing or purchasing David Overton's book. Click Here

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

IT Supplier Directory

I don't know what people think of this, it looks to be a new site but I was fortunate enough to meet the owner who is looking to raise the profile of his new business venture, listing out the IT suppliers within the UK.

If people are interested in signing up to what may well be a good site to have your details on you should check it out at:


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