Sunday, 27 June 2010

iPhone OS4 - Places not working with Geo-tagging bug

I thought I'd write up a post about this, simply because before I figured it out, I was contemplating contacting Apple Support in case I had a dodgy device. Fear not however my dear Apple friends this is not the case.

The problem:
I took a few photo's on my shiny new iPhone 4 and then thought I'd show off the "Places" feature to a few friends, embarrasingly to find that they hadnt been pinned to the map overlay. So typical IT bod I turned it off and on again - and it worked. Trying it again I had the same problem with any new photo's taken.

I did a little bit of research on the problem, obviously quite an annoyance and found out that the Photo's app, has to re-initialise for it to take into account the new photo's geo-tags and then implement them into the Places feature. I also found out that by default ALL apps will run in the background that support multi-tasking (I'm still not 100% sure on this but it does confirm it on and around the apple site).

So, I was left with a dilema. You open the camera, take a photo.
Open Photo's and check the places feature but Hey presto its only re-opened the last session NOT re-initialised the app and so not noticed the new photo's, hence the problem.

The Resolution:
I found out that there is a way to Kill processes on the iPhone, (tested on the 4.0 and 3GS),
If you take a photo, go into photo's, tagging wont work.

If you take a photo, double tap the home button to open the Multi tasking drawer, hold your finger on the app (as if to delete or move on the standard screen) then tap the minus button this actively kills that process.

NOW try re-opening pictures and like magic - it works!

I imagine Apple will fix this, this is by no means a fix just a workaround.

(It's also worth noting that I have to end the camera and the photo's app for Places to re-initialise.)

Love to see if others are experiencing this issue or not...

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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Message size exceeds fixed maximum message size

Now this was really annoying, basically I installed an SBS 2008 box onsite and later found out they needed to send emails with 25MB attachments. "Not a problem" I said as I recalled how easy it was to change this in Exchange 2003, completely oblivious to just how complicated an easy task could have gotten.

At first I just changed the limits in the SBS console window which I thought had solved the problem but this doesnt seem to make much difference. I then started looking into PowerShell and found out that, to get this to work you have to run the following commands.

(all examples based on 25MB incoming limit, default is 10MB)


1) To review the global transport settings enter:
Get-TransportConfig | ft MaxSendSize, MaxReceiveSize

To change global transport settings:
Set-TransportConfig –MaxSendSize 25MB –MaxReceiveSize 25MB

2) To review receive limits:
Get-ReceiveConnector | ft name, MaxMessageSize

To change Receive Settings:
Set-ReceiveConnector “Windows SBS Internet Receive Servername” –MaxMessageSize 25MB

3) To review the send connector settings:
Get-SendConnector | ft name, MaxMessageSize

To change the send connect settings:
Set-SendConnector “Windows SBS Internet Send Servername” –MaxMessageSize 25MB

You can also set individual mailboxes with different settings but I've not had to use this as yet, it's always worked fine with the above.

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Monday, 21 June 2010

Free iPad / iPhone 4 ?

This I was quite skeptical about at first but it's all based on clever referral marketing and works quite nicely. Basically it's very simple, if you can get 30 people to come to your site and sign up, you yourself will then be eligible for a FREE device of your choosing with no strings attached.

Now this isnt entirely selfish as it works multi-level, for example if I get a referral that's one point for me as you signed up BUT then also you can now bring other people in and start earning points towards your own iPad's / iPhone's / PC's etc. I started doing this with a friend who now has an iPad and a MacBook air! he barely lifted a finger, granted he has more time than me and is a student but hey!

If you're interested in giving this a go, then please follow this link:

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