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Capsule CRM Online Solution

I found this Software from a friend who recommended it and have used it personally and commercially for a CRM package, it's a great package I have to say. It's fully customisable, the support team are fast to respond and it's really simple to use and integrate. In fact I like it that much I even thought I'd promote it a little bit! So if anyone is looking at this software OR looking for a small to medium CRM solution then this is certainly an option to consider! Capsule CRM Online Solution System Features: Unlimited users 2GB storage per user 50,000 contacts Unlimited opportunities Unlimited cases Integrates with Xero, KashFlow, FreeAgent, FreshBooks and MailChimp Get a complete contact view The contact page gives you a bird’s eye view of everything you know about a contact so that you can keep track of the people, companies and other organizations that you do business with. ■ Share contacts with co-workers ensuring you all have a single up-to-date view of the c

Scan to Email - Exchange 2007

I find it amazing really that this is the first encounter I've had with this issue especially since SBS 2008 has been out so long but here we are. We had an issue where a network copier/scanner wouldn't scan to email (internally). Even using credentials to try and authenticate wouldn't work, it turns out that Exchange 2007 is now a lot more secure than 2003 was and so you have to run through the config below to allow relaying from a specific device. ■Open the Exchange Management Console and go to Server Configuration/Hub Transport ■Click “New Receive Connector” ■Give the new connector a meaningful name (“Copier Relay”), select Custom as the type, and you can leave the port as 25 or try a different port it depends how complicated you want your network. Any other free port will be ok though. Follow this through leaving internal network as is and then in the second window you want to setup your copiers IP so that only this can relay using this connector. ■Right-click t