Thursday, 2 January 2020

Earn cash back on everyday purchases with Quidco - ££'s

If you haven't used Quidco before, I'd love to know where you've been hiding for the last 5-6 years! And if I'm really cruel, I could then go on to tell you, if you've spent any more than £25.00, on anything, in that time period then you've also given away free cash!!

So many people I speak to think it's hard-work, or complicated but its really not.  I was referred to Quidco in 2014 when my first claim was to renew my car insurance - I already knew which company I was going to choose for my renewal and so I just searched Quidco and found there was a huge £80 on offer if I bought it via their referral link... yes, £80 for a company I was already going to renew with...

Sure enough, within 90 days £80 appeared in my account... from there (understandably) I was hooked and now I earn on average £500 per year simply clicking referral links for items that I was going to buy anyway.

Quidco works by referring customers to Supplier websites, which then go on to purchase.  That is quite simply it.  Sometimes they offer higher rates than others and so it's worth keeping an eye out for any exclusive rates.

At the time of writing, there's £50 for opening a TSB Bank account and £85 for signing up to Vodafone Broadband, doing this in the next hour could net you a bargain, save you money and gain you £130!

And just to prove Quidco works and can work for you, here's your first taster of how simple it is!

Click here or the image below to sign up today, in doing so you'll receive £5 and so will I !

I'd love to hear how people get on and if this has helped you start earning cash back on your purchases!  please comment below on your savings and referrals :).

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