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Graphics have gone off the GRID!

Hopefully by now, when you see or hear the words ‘NVIDIA GRID’…you know, this is all about delivering centrally managed, accelerated graphics to virtualised desktop infrastructures, right? I’m guessing possibly not – anyone who uses VDI, knows that the biggest Achilles heel of the solution is delivering feature rich content and high end graphics to their power users.  So what do IT Managers do, they resort to buying custom built workstations or MacPro’s and just accept that there is no alternative.   Interestingly, I think the lack of rapid deployments for NVIDIA GRID comes from the lack of market knowledge.  Whomever I speak to about delivering Siemens NX, AutoDesk or CATIA (to name a few) through their VDI estate, tells me it’s not possible.  It’s at that point I take great pride in having the ability to say ‘actually, it is possible and here’s why!’ Axess were one of Three partners in the UK chosen to take the solution to market in late 2013 and to be honest, for me, it’s