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Spell Checker not working in Word 2007

This was a very odd one, a client approached me saying that whenever she was typing there was no "Red squiggles" under her mistakes. Assuming the best that maybe it was simply turned off of there was something slightly amiss here I logged on to see the problem myself. Lo and behold it was true, even clicking check document didn't correct any issues! So after much head scratching, initially I came accross a document in Microsoft's support assembly that showed Word runs with separate Add-on entities which can sometimes be disabled. So running with this in mind, I did the following and sorted the problem. Click the Word Office button Click Add-in's Select the drop down box Select Disabled Add-in's Enable the Dictionary spell check! All sorted :)

CRM 4: Unable to Load Client Print Control

At first I saw this message a few times and the resolution wasn't too difficult at all, after a short while of Googling etc it became apparent that an Auto Update had messed up the SQL reporting services ActiveX client and so needed another update applying. Solution: Install the fixes below on the necessary servers and then reboot each server. CRM Server: Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable 2005 Service Pack 1 SQL Server (If Different): Security Update for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 (KB954606) To finish, open the reports window and click print, you still get the error but this time you get an ActiveX control to install, install that and rerun the report. You can now print fine. HOWEVER - Please Note Be warned, this only happened

CRM 4: Cannot publish a workflow that has a send email task

I found to fix this you had to change the web.config, other people have assured me this should only happen when you change the web.config file manually but we didn't so...who know's. The fix seems complex but is all to common and after a while seems quite common. Solution Open the Microsoft CRM Web site web.config file in an editor like Notepad and add the following section to it in order to continue publishing workflows: In the section …multiple lines here

CRM 4: Workflows not running at all

I've only seen this once and I think it was due to bad installation, since we had to change hostnames and port numbers AFTER the install, so it may not happen to many people but if it does... hopefully this will save you some time :) *You want to go into your SQL Server Management studio and then go to, your CRM_CONFIG Database. *Expand Tables and look for the record "Deployment Properties" *Right click and select "Open Table" *Navigate down to "AsyncSdkRootDomain" and then accross to "NVarCharColumn" and fill in the correct hostname and port number (Usually something like ' CRM:80 ') *Do the same for "ADSdkRootDomain" and "ADWebApplicationRootDomain"