JoinDomain VMExtensionProvisioningError when deploying WVD (aka Conflict Error)

Deploying WVD Fails with a conflict error and when clicking for more information it presents a conflict and not much else that is useful by way of toubleshooting. Hopefully this helps someone else as it had me head scratching for a little while.. When creating the Host Pool, make sure that you haven't made the fatal error of using the Azure Active Directory Credential INSTEAD of the Local AD Domain Credential.  i.e do not use to domain join, even if it links back to the domain - this is where the conflict arrises.    Instead, use your full internal domain UPN.  Re-deploy your same configuration and you should find it goes through now without any problems. Additional findings.... Albeit my mistake above was an easy one, it does appear the error is directly linked to the domain join process. If you go into your resource groups, locate the session host and MSTSC directly to it.  Try the domain join pr

When the water stops...

An interesting analogy was presented to me recently and I liked it so much that I thought I'd share it with others...  
We go about our daily lives, almost with an element of ignorance, in that we generally take no appreciation of the day-to-day services we consume, use or even provide.  
We're woken up in the morning by our alarm clock - We don't sit back and think about the labourers working in the power stations nor do we think about the components that form the intricate circuits within the box that we so abruptly hit and shout at.  We then proceed to take a shower, where we pass no regard for the Gas stations, the circuit designs, the electricity, the water, the purification, the plumbing, the drainage, the glass blowing... and on and on and on.  
My point here isn't that we don't care about these things...but more so that we've developed into a nation that take these luxuries for granted - and so when we go to sleep we expect to be woken up, when we get in the shower we expect hot water.  
...When is the only time you notice these luxuries...when they don't work as we expect them too...
A friend of mine introduced me to this mindset and quite rightly so, it starts your mind thinking about things - but the most interesting element I found was that this mindset links directly to the IT industry and the new Cloud era that we sit in.  
Customers that I speak to don't care where the system is, they don't care how it works and they don't care what happens in the transit between us, and them - all they care about is when I turn on the tap...I get my water.   When I want to consume my IT, it just works. 
I love this thought process but it does highlight one fairly obvious concern to me, when the plumbing fails - you have to be sure your supply can be resumed.  Be sure to guarantee your service can be constant, even when it's not. 
So, I ask you firstly to spare a thought for the providers that we often forget about and expect to deliver.  
Then, make sure that you vet your supply.  If infrastructure is critical to your business - when the tap stops dripping - how fast can you be back up and running... 

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