Sunday, 16 February 2014

My top stock picks for the week! - 17th February 2014

My top picks for this week include a number of stocks I've been watching for some time now, these all have support and break out barriers that are easily identifiable.  There are also key signs of trend reversals or additional growth.

IMG - Imagination Technologies:
Enter at 179p, seeking an exit around 184p by Friday

MNDI - Mondi Plc
Enter at 1028.00 with an exit around 1055.00 before Friday close.

ACHL - Asian Citrus Holdings
Enter at 12.00p exit around 14.50p (Slow mover but just may surprise us here).

DTG - Dart Group
Enter at 263.00, exit around 276.00 (maybe more).

IQE - Enter at 22p exit around 26.00p

Please note these are my own opinions and I have no crystal ball telling me which ones will work out and which ones won't and so I'm not responsible for any losses.  I target high impact reversal signs, these carry higher risks when they don't work out because your entering markets that most others pull out of; when they work however they're very rewarding.  On the other hand, if you do get rich off of my tips; a complimentary commission wouldn't go a miss! :) 

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