Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Vista Can't Log In - Credential Manager Server

I have now seen this a few times and so thought I would save a fair few people a few hours of head scratching, when logging on to your laptop / PC with Vista you get a message along the lines of "Cannot logon to the credential manager service."

My resolution that worked for me several times goes as follows:

1) Boot the machine up in safe mode by hitting F8 at boot

2) Log on as the Domain Administrator (Or Local Admin)

3) Enable the Local Admin Account (Not Enabled By Default In Vista) by right clicking My computer, selecting Manage and then clicking Users.

4) Reboot the machine and log on using the Local Administrator account (which will now work)

5) Go into HP Security Protect Tools Security Manager for Administrators
6) On the Left go to "Setting"

7) Uncheck "Use credential manager to log onto windows"

8) Log off the machine and logon as the normal user again.

If this doesnt work for you there are some other suggestions regarding the TPM drivers etc in the following link:

1 comment:

  1. Works like a charm. If you are using the Domain Administrator, you have to startup in safe mode with networking


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