Sunday, 1 June 2008

A required installation file could not be found. Outlook 2003

It happens to most Office users; one day, completely randomly and without warning .

Your PC decides it doesn't want to let you run any of the Microsoft Office applications. You also most likley see the error "Installation Error: File not Found"

Well before you go scrambling in the closets to go find those 5 - 10 year old discs that you obviously put in a safe place, never to be seen again you will be happy to know that the error isnt the error at all. If that makes sense...

Basically the file the office package needs is still on your PC it just needs to be told where.

The fix is actually pretty straight forward:

Simply go to:
1. Start
2. Run and type "Regedit"
3. Naviagate to the following Key: HKLM > Software > Microsoft > Office > 11.0 > Delivery.
4. Then click the GUID sub key (Usually a string of numbers)
5. Now on the right you will see, CDCACHE with an entry of "2".
6. Right click and select Modify, change the "2" to a "0" and then hey presto.

You're done, simply close down regedit and any other dialogue boxes still open and you'll then find it opens ok.

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  1. =] that saved me alot of time thanks really found this handy will keep this page bookmarked =]


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