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Want to make money? No genuinely...

Ok, so those who know me - will also know that I'm partial to a bit of day trading on the AIM markets.  I see them as a relatively high risk, high reward way of making some returns on your savings.  In fact, I measured my success for 2015 and I made a relatively modest increase of 15%, beat that in any bank account at 0.05% interest these days!!

Anyway, 15% isn't going to make you rich (or certainly not in the near term anyway!).

What I hooked into most recently though is a way to get 88% growth on your initial capital, 75%-85% of the time!

I know there are doubters, to be honest the amount of schemes I've tried over the years, that all claim to make you rich really quickly (and yes, there are a few!) - none of them really work - in fact most are designed to make the person recommending them rich and nothing more.

So here is how it works and here is how you stack the odds in your favour...

The concept is simple, you have two options - you can 'Call' or you can '…