JoinDomain VMExtensionProvisioningError when deploying WVD (aka Conflict Error)

Deploying WVD Fails with a conflict error and when clicking for more information it presents a conflict and not much else that is useful by way of toubleshooting. Hopefully this helps someone else as it had me head scratching for a little while.. When creating the Host Pool, make sure that you haven't made the fatal error of using the Azure Active Directory Credential INSTEAD of the Local AD Domain Credential.  i.e do not use to domain join, even if it links back to the domain - this is where the conflict arrises.    Instead, use your full internal domain UPN.  Re-deploy your same configuration and you should find it goes through now without any problems. Additional findings.... Albeit my mistake above was an easy one, it does appear the error is directly linked to the domain join process. If you go into your resource groups, locate the session host and MSTSC directly to it.  Try the domain join pr

Reset Windows 7 Local Administrator Password

Ever been locked out of your Windows Vista / 7 Machine. Forgot to enable or create an account for that all important day that you get 'no logon servers available' or 'the trust relationship failed' well this has to be the single most, utterly awesome hack known to the IT world in my opinion!

You will need a Windows 7 CD.

1.Boot from the Windows 7 CD and click repair my computer, then follow the prompts to get through to using Advanced tools for repair and then command prompt.

2.Type C: to change letter from (normally) X: to the active partition.
3.Type the following command:
copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\

This creates a copy of sethc.exe to restore later.

4.Type this command to replace sethc.exe with cmd.exe:

copy /y c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe

Reboot your computer and start the Windows installation where you forgot the administrator password.

5.After you see the logon screen, press the SHIFT key five times.

6.You should see a command prompt where you can enter the following command to reset the Windows password (see screenshot above):

net user administrator password  <-- replacing 'password' with what you actually want to use.
7. If the account is disabled you also need to run:

net user administrator /active:yes

For anyone who wants to know what we've done here; we're replacing the Sticky Keys executable with a Command Prompt application. Windows will allow you to run Sticky Keys from Pre-Logon so it allows us to boot into a command prompt without authentication.  You will probably not want to leave this open on your desktop so once you've finished I'd recommend you go back into the Recovery environment and replace the setch.exe file with its actual file and purpose again. (backed up to C: as per above)

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