Biphasic Sleep Experiment - Day 1

Let me bring you into my story first..

So, normally I wouldn't immerse myself into experiments; I'm normally the cautious side-liner that would watch, observe and then when proven will follow! I have however taken on this role of health conscious Haynes and after panning down all those Easter eggs this March, I think it's time to evaluate my fitness regime. The problem I have as an individual; is that when I get home at 6pm, it's time for tea, half 6-7 undress, redress and get ready for the evening and then I either go out to meet friends or go out to my Photography club all of which I enjoy but it does take up a lot of time. By the time I get home, we're normally around 11/12pm and I'm up at 8am very tired, to then shower and run off to work for 9am.

I want to have some time to exercise but finding it around my schedule is difficult. I've done some research and to what I understand, I've been doing this so long that my agenda is written very strongly into my subconscious. I wake up at 8am (practically without an alarm / albeit tired) I sleep at 12/half 12 in the morning, just because I need to not because I'm tired and this is what I want to change. I want to wake up early, go for a run/swim/cycle or jog have some time to relax before work and then get on with my day.

My Options...
So I reviewed my options, it appears the three most obvious (Shy of using anti-sleep drugs - not my idea of safe/fun) that I can find are to explore MonoPhasic, BiPhasic and PolyPhasic Sleep patterns.

Monophasic being sleeping during the night and awake during the day with a very particular pattern.

Biphasic to sleep for 4 hours in the morning and 1 hour in the evening - strict but with variance.

Polyphasic to have 2 hours sleep a day, every four hours taking a 20 minute nap. - Very strict.

Now I'm quite intrigured by the polyphasic idea but to be quite honest, it's incredibly unsociable and I can't imagine my boss being too happy at work when I suggest every 4 hours I'm just going to take a nap! So I said I'm going to try and migrate myself onto a Biphasic Sleeping pattern.

So now you know what I'm upto, I figured I'd share my experiences. Apparently the first week is supposed to be the worst where you feel you have been hit by a bus.

Here's my new schedule; starting today.
00:30am - Go to Sleep.
05:30am - Wake up and exercise
06:30am - Shower and dress.
07:15am - Some 'productivity' time.
08:15am - Set off to work earlier.
08:45am - Start work.
17:30pm - Finish Work.
18:00pm - Arrive home and have tea (Dinner).
18:30pm - 1 Hour Nap.
19:30pm - Wake up and go out.

This will give me a total of 5 Hours sleep per day compared to my normal 7 and a half although I'm fairly confident that after the first week 5 hours will be more than enough, if well balanced.

More entries to follow... I'd be interested if people have thoughts or have tried this before to let me know below...