My Own Backup Script For Small Business Server 2003

This is one of my personal favourites,

It's a combination of NTBackup (For Active Directory, System State and Registry etc) Robocopy (For file shares) and SendEmail (for confirmation the backup worked).

All instructions come with my script; it's ideally suited for companies with USB external drives although it could be customised for tape drives or external FTP drives.

I wrote it for a few of my smaller clients and it seems to do the job quite well; it also backs up Exchange by stopping the services and copying the Priv1 + Pub1 databases, this provides easy restore access in the event of a disaster. Simply rebuild the server and then remount the Exchange databases and voila.

I'd be interested in people's opinion's on this...

Download Link Here: Download


  1. It's awful. Simply awful!

    Gotta leave the development stuff to your development department... I heard that guy is really talented, handsome and schmexy.

    - A Mysterious Stranger

  2. I retract my comment about the backup script.

    But the schmexy stuff still stands!

    - A Mysterious Stranger

  3. Hello. It seems the link to the script is no longer working...

    I'd love to piggyback on it!


  4. Sorry about that web server problems - have another go now.


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