Want to make money? No genuinely...

Ok, so those who know me - will also know that I'm partial to a bit of day trading on the AIM markets.  I see them as a relatively high risk, high reward way of making some returns on your savings.  In fact, I measured my success for 2015 and I made a relatively modest increase of 15%, beat that in any bank account at 0.05% interest these days!!

Anyway, 15% isn't going to make you rich (or certainly not in the near term anyway!).

What I hooked into most recently though is a way to get 88% growth on your initial capital, 75%-85% of the time!

I know there are doubters, to be honest the amount of schemes I've tried over the years, that all claim to make you rich really quickly (and yes, there are a few!) - none of them really work - in fact most are designed to make the person recommending them rich and nothing more.

So here is how it works and here is how you stack the odds in your favour...

The concept is simple, you have two options - you can 'Call' or you can 'Put'.  To call suggests you know that the stock price of a certain item will increase over the next 60 seconds, and to Put means the price will drop over the next 60 seconds.

If the price is higher than when you said call, you double your money.  If it's lower when you said Put, well you guessed it, you double your money.

Right from the offset, you literally have a 50:50 chance of winning.  Not bad odds to start with right?

But how about this, if you can identify the ceilings and the floors of a stock, you can then predict when they're going to bounce back the opposite way.

Here are some examples of what I achieved last week, starting with a basic investment of £250 at 7pm, trading on the USD.

As you can see by 7:50pm I was up to £878.14.  The aim is to keep your bets small, whilst keeping your growth consistent.

7:51pm, in 60 seconds I topped it up to £1,103.74

And by 8:14 I was up to £1,379.74.

I think a salary of just over £1k per hour isn't too shabby personally, how about you?

The best thing about it all, is that these trades are 100% tax free... So don't worry about your ISAs or CGT being affected!

Check out IQOption in order to setup an account - (http://iqoption.com/)

From there, simply drop in your deposit and start trading.

I'd advise you start small, nice easy bids, don't get too greedy too quickly and most certainly do not bid with emotion - only bid with your head.

Best of luck everyone, also I really want to help others reach this kind of financial freedom - so if you're interested to learn and have the time get in touch - I want to hear your results too!!

All the best!

Obviously I'm not to be held responsible for your investment decisions, only invest what you can afford to lose, don't get greedy, set yourself limits.  I am recommending this because it has been extremely successful for me but you should not hold me responsible if you're not able to receive a return. 


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